Hawkstone Hawkstone

The rest of your life starts today

Long before the Chipping Norton set was a thing, the Cotswolds were terrorised by another shadowy cabal — The Ancient Hawkstonian Order.

Legends say, the high priests of the Hawkstone (the neolithic standing stone that gives our beer and cider its name); participated in excessive drinking and bizarre fertility rites performed by the light of the full moon.

Now, for the first time since before the Norman conquest, the order is accepting new members.

In addition to joining a venerable lineage dating back millennia, members will receive a variety of exclusive benefits. Choose one of our subscriptions below to become a member and enjoy:

  • Up to £15 off your monthly case of Hawkstone

  • Free tickets to our exclusive ‘Hawkstone Sessions’ at the brewery and Jeremy’s farm - event details to follow

  • 20% off all Hawkstone merch

  • When you show your membership card, get 20% off everything at the Hawkstone Brewery tap yard

  • A monthly newsletter penned (in ink not blood) by the latter day Hawkstonian High Priest Jeremy Clarkson

  • As a Hawkstonian, be the first in line to throw private events at the brewery

…with more benefits added over the coming months.
Places are strictly limited so join now.

We look forward to greeting you with a silly handshake at the brewery soon.

Yours sincerely,
The Ancient Hawkstonian Order

Our Session to launch Session